Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Marbled cupcakes

If you are feeling inspired by The Great British Bake Off, these are really easy to make and look a bit different. They are also good to give as a birthday present to your father-in-law.

Cream 110g (4.5oz) butter with same quantity of sugar. Do a wee bit extra as creamed butter and sugar is yum!

Beat in 2 eggs, a little at a time.

Fold in 110g (4.5oz) self raising flour using a metal spoon. Add a spoonful of milk if mixture a bit stiff. It needs to drop off the spoon.

Divide mixture in two. Add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to half and a drop of vanilla essence to the other.

Spoon mixture into bun cases in 12 hole bun tin. Do one teaspoon at a time, alternating the mixture.

Don't mix them!

Bake for 15 or 20 minutes and cool on a wire rack.

Make some buttercream icing with 75g (3oz) butter and 175g (7oz) icing sugar. Spoon icing onto buns. If you are trying to impress even more, then pipe the icing in a fancy swirl.


Eat and enjoy!
Think I need to invest in a cake stand....but they don't last long enough....

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

So let's start with baking - Swiss Roll!

An assortment of hens keeps us supplied with eggs. It's waste not want not round here so quite a bit of baking goes on.

My current favourite is Swiss Roll, mainly because it's dead easy but looks tricky.

So, to have a go:
Whisk three eggs with 75g (3oz) sugar until nice and fluffy.
Fold in 75g (3oz) self raising flour.
Pour into lined Swiss Roll tin and bake at 200c for 10 minutes.
Turn onto sugar coated grease proof paper and cool on a wire rack covered with a damp tea towel.
When cool, fill with cream and whatever else you fancy then roll.


PS if it doesn't roll call it a Swiss Tube. Or if it collapses - put in individual glasses, add fruit and cream and call it whatever you like!